Billie-Jo Higby

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Billie-Jo lives in Crawford County and invests in residential real estate with her husband, Damon.  They have 3 children, Cole, Lily and Raelyn.   Billie-Jo and Damon have been a landlords since 2003 and members of the Apartment Association since 2009.  Billie-Jo has been a member of the board of directors since 2019 and is a licensed REALTOR.  They are actively adding to their portfolio of over 58+ units including single family homes, duplexes, triplexes,  fourplexes and multi units and multiple parcels of vacant land.   The Higby's have taken pride in buying lower priced properties and renovating them to provide quality rentals in Canadohta Lake, Wattsburg, Corry, Titusville, Meadville and Union City.   Billie-Jo and Damon also co-own and manage Higby's Campground & Cottages, a seasonal RV campground and cottage rental business at Canadohta Lake, just south of Union City, with other members of Damon's family. 

Billie-Jo loves to share knowledge and experiences with others in their pursuit of success in real estate.  She is an advocate the members located outside the city of Erie or Erie County and is involved in creating additional offerings for monthly meetings in Warren and Crawford County.  Billie-Jo has shared information on her experiences with BRRRR investing as well as beneficial tips for working with a lender and appraiser when investing. 

Future plans for Billie-Jo include being a great mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend and spending quality time with her friends and family as well as staying in real estate. Billie-Jo is also on the board of directors for the Canadohta Lake Area Business Association, CLABA, and enjoys most of the summer at beautiful Canadohta Lake.  You can reach Billie-Jo via Facebook or email