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Credit Reports

Once  you are credentialed through our office with TransUnion, you will be able to obtain a printed Credit Report with the FICO score on a prospective tenant for tenant screening purposes.  You will need a signed rental application from the prospective tenants granting us permission to run the report. Reports can be obtained in a matter of minutes.  There is a fee for this service.

Landlord/Tenant and Criminal Court Records

Landlord/Tenant and Criminal reports are available for a fee. This information is intended to aid a member with their tenant screening.

Landlord Legal Counseling

As a member of the Apartment Association, you will have access to legal assistance regarding landlord/tenant law.  You will be able to phone the Apartment Association Attorney to ask questions about any legal area involving your rights as a landlord. 

Lease and Legal Seminar

We hold an annual Lease and Legal Seminar that discusses the correct procedures for dealing with tenants and managing rental housing. This includes the correct procedures for evictions, security deposits, tenant screening methods, and much, much more. The seminar has two speakers, an experienced landlord and the attorney for the AANP. This seminar is free to all members.

Customer Service

Members can call or visit the office to speak one on one with our knowledgeable staff.  Our teams can help you work through your unique tenant situations and offer guidance to assist you in smoothly running your business.  They can refer you to our Attorney for any legal questions.

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Landlord and Investor Education Classes

Landlord 101  class is to educate the new rental property owner and instruct them how to manage their property.  The course is structured along a timeline, guiding the new investor from their initial purchase of the property through the process of advertising, renting, managing, and lastly, when the tenant moves out.  It serves as a refresher for the "Seasoned" landlord. 

Seminars and Workshops - These courses range from 1/2 day to full day seminars and include topics: Rehabbers House Tour; Real Estate Technology; Niche Investment Strategies and more.

Dinner Meetings and Seminars

Plan to attend the monthly dinner or virtual meetings that feature various speakers on a wide variety of related topics.  Attending these meetings allows you to interact and network with other Landlords, Property Managers, Investors and Real Estate Entrepreneurs.  A speaker for each evening is scheduled to provide you with up-to-date information on their specific topic. It is always a very interesting and informative evening.


We compile and mail a newsletter each month to all members. It is also available to our members free of charge from our web site. It has interesting information, news relating to the rental business, tips, and much more. Members also receive the quarterly newsletter from our statewide organization PROA with information about what is going on in the state legislature and throughout the state concerning the residential rental industry.


We have a wide variety of  up-to-date forms designed specifically for the Landlord/Property Manager to be used in every step of your rental process.  There is a small fee for forms to cover printing costs in our office. All our forms are available to our members free of charge from our "Members" section of our website.

Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association (PROA)

Your membership also makes you a member of the Pennsylvania Residential Owners Association. PROA is the state-wide organization that provides a voice for Landlords and Property Managers in Pennsylvania government, represents the industry through lobbying activities in the state legislature, collects and disseminates information pertaining to legislative matters of concern, publishes a Monthly Update on the Issues of any legislative changes affecting the industry and acts as a conduit for sharing information with other Landlords across Pennsylvania.

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Sherwin Williams Paint and Supply Discounts

The Apartment Association has an arrangement with Sherwin-Williams Paints! The arrangement is exclusive to Apartment Association members, and it provides for deep discounts on everything Sherwin-Williams sells.