Joe Sell

Joe Sell

My vision for the Apartment Association is to Educate members and provide Training in an affordable way.  to Teach people the Truths about Real Estate and How to Succeed.

Real Estate Experience
  • 1996Started in Real Estate
  • 2013Established Sell Property Solutions, Inc.
  • Oversee investment management of 55plus units in Erie, Wesleyville, Lawrence Park, and Harborcreek.
  • We are also flipping about 5 houses a year while growing our rental business.
Leadership and Organization
  • Apartment Association member since 2012
  • Part of Mastermind Group
Education, Training and License
  • Matt Theriault Training
  • Landlord 101
  • Mr. Landlord Class and Videos
  • Mentored by several Association Members
  • Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University
  • CDL License
  • Rod Khlief Training


Work Experience
  • Credentialing Inspector for Apt Association - 5 years
  • Loomis Armor, Inc. - 10 years. Safety & security for 23 million dollars vaulted cash.  Responsible for armed security, inventory and personnel.
  • Active Real Estate Investor since 2013.