Jason Pero

Jason Pero was born and raised in Erie, PA and attended college at nearby Westminster. After college Jason began a sales career in pharmaceutical and medical device sales. He started his real estate investing career in 2001 when he and his wife purchased their first duplex. Jason built a portfolio of real estate rental properties while working a career as a medical sales representative.  Jason balanced the demands of a high pressure sales environment, a young family, and growing a real estate portfolio.   He was able to leave his job in 2012 as the portfolio grew to nearly 300 units.


Upon leaving his day job, Jason continued to build his real estate holdings and currently owns around 1,400+ rental apartments. He is the President of this local landlord Apartment Association and a frequent guest on podcasts and occasional speaker at real estate investing conferences.  Jason enjoys coaching and mentoring both seasoned and beginner real estate investors.  He continues to grow his real estate business but enjoys spending his free time working out, traveling, relaxing with family and friends, attending sporting events and concerts.


Interview topics include:

  • Building Real Estate Portfolio - Self Owning and Syndication
  • Escaping the 9-5
  • Self Management and Life Balance
  • Achieving Financial Freedom
Jason Pero