Robert Sesler is principal owner of Sesler Investment Services.

As owner, I lead the investment management function in three distinct responsibilities:
1) Helping clients in personal financial planning, including asset accumulation, investment analysis, insurance, tax and estate planning.
2) Real Estate management including:  residential apartments, mobile homes and parks, & self storage.
3) Real Estate residential & commercial development. 

Our concentration and focus in these three areas has helped our clients understand wealth building platforms. Our down to earth counseling and unique management style has helped hundreds of individuals reach their financial goals regardless of their background.  Our philosophy is that building wealth helps individuals to be self governed take control of their future and build personal self esteem.

Bob has been an Association Member for 20 years, Board Member for 7 years & Treasurer for 4 years.  He studied Business Administration,  Gannon University and has been in the investment field since 1983.

You can reach Bob via email here